Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coming Out

Oh no, she’s coming out as feminist
better lock up your cocks
lock up the misandrists, the misogynists, the patriarch, the matriarch
pro-butch, pro-femme,
pro lipstick-wearing-lesbian

shaving my legs and shaving my head
pro masculine, pro dick, love men, giving head
i dunno if you know i like pussy, i dunno know if straight is straight
but challenge the men who run this place, hell yeah
damn straight

you don’t wanna fuck doogie
well I don’t wanna fuck a kardashian
but how ‘bout I be doogie
and you be kim
and we see how that feels
now wait – which one of us is him

my lover is a hairy straight man who wears a suit and a tie
but he fucks me like i want it, like we both get to be the guy
he treats me like a lady, says baby you got a gift
i’m so good to him,
i treat him like one too

pop songs on the radio, yeah that taylor swift

that shit's catchy, you just change the he's to she's, the me's to you's
and you got yourself a powerful story
i get to be james dean and i get to be red lip classic too

i won’t judge you for how many holes you got,
don’t got
what you use ‘em for, which one’s kept closed
makeup, tattoos, mustache, ponytail, strut in ‘yo high heels
we all know it’s just drag
we call each other baby, punk, dyke, fag

i’m coming out
you listen to me
i listen to you

coming out, coming out, coming out

c'mon, someone before me started this 
now i'll be a leader and follow
Now calm the fuck down – we’re all gonna be friends.

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